How we make our cheese

Blending traditional knowledge with modern expertise…to create the most delicious tasting Leerdammer.

Step 1:
Milk is sourced from the farms close to our dairies. Its quality checked before it leaves the farm and quality checked again when it’s done the short 30 mile-trip to our dairies.

Step 2:
The milk is made to curdle using rennet which takes it from being liquid milk to curds. Today, the rennet we use is derived from mushrooms, meaning that our cheese is vegetarian cheese. Leerdammer lactic ferments (sometimes called ‘starter cultures’) are also added at this stage.

Step 3:
The curds are poured into ‘cheese moulds’ and pressed down. They’re beginning to look a bit more like cheese now!

Step 4:
They take a swim into a bath of brine (or salt, to you and me).

Step 5:
The cheeses are placed either on wooden shelves or under foils and left to mature (or age) naturally. They’re carefully monitored every step of the way.