Social Responsibility

At Leerdammer® we take ‘corporate social responsibility’ seriously. As a brand we believe that we have responsibilities not only to our consumers today, but also to their children and grandchildren – our consumers of tomorrow. So our goal is always to focus on sustainability in the long-term. To us this means everything from working with our partner-farmers to improve the welfare of their dairy herds, right up to enhancing the nutritional value of our finished cheese and making our packaging more environmentally-friendly. We’re on a journey – working hard to be positive, responsible, sustainable. Every day. Read all about our socially responsible actions and plans below.  

Environmental sustainability is a meaningful term here at Bel. We recognise that everything we do has an impact. There’s still a distance to go before we’re 100% sustainable, but we’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, for example: Water consumption in our cheese plans has been but by almost 1/3rd since 2008, and oil and gas consumption has been cut by over 40% since 2008. We’re continually striving to do better and put great emphasis on sharing best practice too. We believe that is the way we’ll be able to reach even more stringent sustainable development goals, and build truly sustainable brands.

Our environmental impact extends far beyond how we use our own resources. In partnership with the WWF, Groupe Bel has considered the full-cycle of our environmental responsibility. We’ve identified that around 20% of our cattle feed contains soy and palm-oil derivatives, which has implications for deforestation. For more information about the Bel Group’s sustainable development goals click here.