Health & Well-being: 6 reasons to love Leerdammer


1.Leerdammer®’s a great source of Calcium – in a single slice of Leerdammer Original there’s 172 mg of Calcium – that’s 21% of your daily needs*. Calcium is important for keeping teeth and bones healthy. *(Sometimes called your Reference Intake, or RI,based on an adult’s needs).



2.It’s a great source of  Protein– in every slice there’s 5.2 g – that’s 29% of your daily needs (or Reference Intake).  Protein’s important for building body mass, and for keeping teeth and bones healthy.



3.Leerdammer® cheese is lactose-free, so anyone who needs to follow a reduced-lactose diet can do so happily. During cheese-making, lactic ferments are added to the cheese, to set the ‘wheels’ in motion.  After the whey (liquid) has been drained away it takes most of the lactose with it: any remaining lactose is then  transformed by the  lactic ferments so that by the time the ‘maturing’ or ‘ageing’ phase is complete, Leerdammer® is naturally lactose-free cheese. Simples!




4.Leerdammer® is vegetarian cheese through and through. Even the rennet we use (to help with transform the liquid milk to solid cheese) is vegetarian…it’s derived from mushrooms.



5.Leerdammer® is a seriously smart snack.  Use it as a sandwich filler, in wholemeal bread and have a piece of fruit or vegetable too (anyone got an apple? Or a tomato?) and you’ve got nutritional delicious-ness AND eaten one of your 5—a- day fruit and veg.  Wash it down with a glass of water to help you stay hydrated.



6.Leerdammer® slices help with portion-control. There’s loads of research1 showing that products which are pre-portioned help people eat the ‘right amount ‘of food – it can make it easier to keep track of exactly how much you’re eating.

1:Fischler C et al., 2007; Lioret S & al.,2009)